How to Contact Us

Contact Captain Dave or Jody at (315) 252-2495 (landline)

It is necessary that we talk on the phone live in order to make sure all arrangements are clear and this can be accomplished in 5 minutes. We have voice mail and we’re good at returning calls if you say your phone number slowly and carefully enough.

If you’re not ready to schedule a ride yet and still have questions:
• Calling is still the best way to contact us (although we do have a pretty extensive FAQs page, so check it out).
• Please don’t worry – we asked all the “dumb” questions before our first ride.
• You can contact our cell (315-604-0339) but we prefer the landline.

If you are ready to schedule then please call:
• Landline: (315) 252-2495 (preferred)
• Cell:        (315) 604-0339 

Just have some questions? There is a pretty extensive FAQs page, and you’re encouraged to look there first (or better yet, call) but you can also contact us via email to Captain Dave at or by using the form below.

When you’re ready to schedule, you still HAVE TO CALL:
• Landline: (315) 252-2495 (preferred)
• Cell:        (315) 604-0339 

Have some questions? We have a pretty extensive FAQs PAGE, and you’re encouraged to look there first.

Answers to your questions are sometimes longer than you expect and often lead to other questions that you hadn’t thought of before. We can end up doing a lot more back and forth than you expected. And Captain Dave is notoriously slow at typing on little tiny screens.

So, it would probably be slowest in the long run, but you can try texting to (315) 604-0339